I am more than just white.

I wrote this six word memoir because I think a lot of people assume that I am just one race or ethnicity rather than someone who has ancestry in a lot of other places than just being white. I think that it is something a lot of people get wrong about me. I believe that you can be more than you appear to be both with appearances and where you come from. Stereotypes exist not just some races but for all of them, and I believe it is everybody’s job to break those and show people that not everyone is like that. I think a lot of people don’t just generalize with races but also with saying all people of one skin color are the same and the stereotypes that come with that, and I think doing that is just as wrong as stereotyping for only one ethnicity.\

Race is not scientific at all.

A lot of people have been taught from birth that race is a scientific phenomenon rather than a social one. However, research has shown that race is far from being a scientifically proven, and while race may be widely accepted as a social construct, not nearly as much effort has gone into actually proving it to exist outside of our culture and beliefs. ¨Races¨ are in no way completely separate groups as proven by analysis of DNA in a study conducted by the American Anthropological Association. The study “indicates that most physical variation, about 94%, lies within so-called racial groups. Conventional geographic “racial” groupings differ from one another only in about 6% of their genes.¨ This proves that there is no genetically defined line between races, but rather that everyone is different independent of what racial group they are put into, and as such there is no reason to have these extremely general groupings other than to have a reason to discriminate against groups of people. This study also proves that just because something is accepted socially does not mean that it is proven to be true. In conclusion, race is an extremely outdated concept that has no scientific backing, and is still used as a reason to discriminate against groups of people without any valid reasoning.


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