I am not a single story

Geovanni Herrera,
Dallas, TX

p>I chose these six words after being extremely inspired by a Ted talk called “The dangers of a single story” years ago. Where Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, an African American born in Eastern Nigeria faced countless amounts of misinterpretations in her home town before realizing the truth about Americans and their norms. Like her she was met with the same type of misinterpretations from Americans. Where they questioned her based on stereotypes and false versions of Africa. With that being said there are individuals that might look at me a “Mexican” and nothing but stereotypes and false interpretations of about Mexicans begin to cloud there judgement. Giving them the audacity to say they already know what type of person I am. A race is not defined by their stereotypes and such thoughts are ignorant and limiting ones self to lies. Everyone has their own story and everyone sure as hell deserves to show theirs!


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