I am not one for boxes.

Denise Duvernay,
Cupertino, CA.

People are always trying to figure out exactly, what I am. But does learning my nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual background, or any other particular thing tell you anything about WHO I AM? So often, I feel like people are just looking for any excuse to dismiss you, or box you into their own narrow view of what they want you to be, so I live my life challenging everyone’s basic biases. I work at Trader Joe’s, but that doesn’t mean I’m uneducated; I actually hold a Juris Doctorate. And just because you think I look white, don’t make me deny my father’s heritage. And I wear my freckles proudly, I am sorry if you think I may be prettier if I bleached them or covered them up with makeup. I embrace all the differences that make me an unconventional beauty, weighing more than you might expect. I am smart, funny, caring, and generous. I love food and traveling. And I will do anything for my family. Knowing which boxes I check off on my census paperwork will never truly reveal all of the wonderful intricacies that make me, so ME!


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