I am proud to be white!

Aaron Fitzgerald,

It is OK to be white, we are NOT responsible for all the problems that the POC world faces; that the Jewish-run, liberal, left wing, Marxist media would have you believe.

All races have been responsible for genocide, likewise all races have been victims of genocide, even white people, as seen in South Africa right now, Haiti in the past. These whites don’t have “white privilege” for they get killed for being white while farming for those who hate them but the world is DEAD SILENT, imagine if the races were reversed? It seems apartheid has not ended but just “reversed”. Whites deserve a white home land, just like blacks have Africa, Asians have Asia and Jews have Israel, yet it’s somehow “racist” for whites to have Europe?

We are the worlds minority at about 6% of Earth’s population; where are OUR ‘minority rights’??

All races deserve to have their own land without forced ‘diversity and multiculturalism’

“It’s Ok to be white”

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