I am the lone black parent….

Rackley Love,
Mars, PA.

The alienation that I have experienced as a parent is an enigma. Like them, I am a stay at home mom. Like them, my husband has a white collar job. Like them we chose this community because of its highly rated schools and safe streets. And like them, my passion and love for my children calls me to volunteer at school, participate in PTO Fundraisers, and spend my days at libraries and museums. I notice the whispers when I appear at the mommy and me dance classes and midday story time activities. No one ever walks over and welcomes me. I’ve never had coffee with other moms after the morning carpool drop-off. My children are seldom invited to birthday parties, and never invited to sleepovers. I am not oblivious to it! My husband and I love our girls, and our love for them is greater than this implicit xenophobia. It is for the love of my girls that we remain.


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