I can’t stand none of y’all

Tara Lloyd,



Okay, well I do like some people, but there is not one race in this world that I like or dislike over the other, including my own.
I’m black, and let me be honest, I love being black. I have a deep love for the black community because that is where I’m from and through education, I am able to see the breakdown in our society and how we ended up where we are. However, pick yourselves UP! At some point you go from being ignorant to flat out stupid, because you know better. You may not have been taught better, but life has a way of opening your eyes to some things and you are constantly making the choice to close them right back up. You want some respect? Earn it! Raise your children right, empower them, lead them! Earn a honest living, one that is not doing damage to the other families in your neighborhood. Stop selling drugs and stop doing drugs. Stop making the “Thug life” seem cool. Stop pumping your the minds of your children with trash (music, tv or anything else you allow in their presence). You want your life to be of as much value as a white mans according to America? YOU FIRST! Value yourself, love yourself, value and love your family and friends and anyone else in tinted skin. The bottom line is: Can we stop killing each other? Can we start building each other up? Y’all irritating……..

White people………. (and no, not every white person falls into this categoty, but most do).
“Progressive” white people with ‘black friends’
How many excuses do you have? You can fool your mind into believing them, but your heart? You know deep down that this Country is still running on White Supremacy. If you honestly don’t, if you honestly believe that racism is dead, I have another question…… Where do you live? Where do you work? I’m willing to bet that you are surrounded by white people. You’ve never had to go into the inner cities. The only things you know about black history and slavery is what the history books taught you, and America is very good at hiding her dirty laundry. Have you ever sat down and had an intimate and deep conversation with your “black friends” about race? As a matter of fact, can you tell me where your “Black friends” work? Live? Their spouses name? Where do they go to church? Do they go to church? What are the names and ages of their children?…… Coming up empty? Well that’s because your “black friend” isn’t a friend at all. So you stand from the outside, looking in. You don’t understand the mental and spiritual turmoil that drives us insane. All you know is what you see. Believe me, we have enough fingers to point at ourselves for the mess we find ourselves in daily. Do me a favor, read the statistics, learn the history, hell….. even learn the science behind everything that the black man has experienced in America. Be honest with yourself after you rediscover America and all of her deep dark secrets. While you do that, keep in mind that it is not sympathy that we are looking for in the black community, its EMPAHTY. Stop looking from the outside and jump in here with us. But I’m willing to bet that you wont do that and I’ll get 500 comments from white people on this post with more excuses…….. I cant stand yall either……
Ohh and for you skin head white folk….. Y’all are a complete joke to me. But I will give you your props on something; at least you’re honest about your hatred. Let me be honest, I HATE YOU BACK!

And for me Mexicans, Porto Ricans, Asians ETC……. To me we are all the same. Anything less than white is less than……. I welcome you to the club, we will fight this good fight together! Those of you who know you belong anyway….
As for the other half of you, the ones who think they are above blacks…
Y’all got y’all nerve looking down on black folks! What makes you better? The fact that you chose to come on over to America and we didn’t? We fought for your rights when we fought for ours, you inherited what we DIED for …… all y’all did was mosey across the boarder, legally or illegally and enjoy them. I’m not saying that y’all should be thanking us, but you will never be better than us! Also, as much as you reach, step on the backs of other races to get there, you (JUST LIKE US) will never be equal to that of a white person in the eyes of good ol’ MERIKKA. So stop…. please! Y’all get on my nerves too…….

Soapbox over……..
As you were


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