I didn’t choose to be white

Salt Lake City, UT

I understand that I am nothing. I’m a worthless piece of trash, a waste of a human life. There are many who hate me. Some don’t even know me. I’m a slow learner, sure, hate me for that. I’m annoying sometimes. Hate me for that. I messed up. Hate me for that. But thousands of people hate me, just because I’m white. I didn’t choose to be white. No matter what race, I would have lived the life I live now. Just because I’m white doesn’t mean I have a perfect and privileged life. Anyone can be oppressed. Anyone can be terrified of the world. Anyone can be hurt for what they are, not who they are. I used to be able to escape my problems by playing a game for a few minutes. Leave reality behind and focus on a game that is enjoyable for everyone. Now, not even the games are safe. Leave people alone, do your own thing, keep a low profile, and there are still people screaming through the chat that they wish white people were never made. I’m scared to leave my own house nowadays. I’m terrified to open my mouth. America is supposed to be a place where everyone is safe and equal. Not where shops and businesses are destroyed, just because the owners had lighter skin. Yes, there are racists. I get it. But not all white people are racist, and forcing them to say they are doesn’t solve anything.


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