I do not understand whats race

Stephen J Cahill,
Peru, NY

I don’t have melanin. In high school I was hanging out with a guy, who was also without melanin, and he was selling pot. My track teammate who had lots of melanin told me not to hang out with the pot seller. He said “don’t mess with that sh*t.” He did me a solid. I am grateful for his advice. I once lived in Brooklyn. To get to work I rode the IRT 4 train from Flatbush to Union Square in Manhattan. I had a coworker, without melanin, who said I should take a private bus, how could I stand those people. I realized from how he said it, he was talking about people with melanin. Sometimes on the train I was the only person with out melanin. Why are some people without melanin fearful of people with melanin?


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