I do this for our U.S.A.

Roger Tuomisto,
Minneapolis, MN.

Time line – 1969. Location – Natchez Ms. Purpose – aid in educating Black Americans of their voting rights and shuttling them to the city/county voting registrars. I was part of a mixed group of white/black U of M students, whose purpose was to educate students on campus about their voting rights. Our group, one of many, was invited, by Charles Evers, brother to Medcar Evers to canvas the black neighborhoods of various towns of the south. Group I was with was assigned to Natchez, Ms. Our purpose was made known, through the various churches in the area. The word got out to the locals. When we walked the streets & roads, the locals knew our purpose and were more than helpful & willing to participate. In some cases, the Clerk Registrar made it known they didn’t like what we were doing.


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