‘I don’t see color’ is cringeworthy.

DCIM100MEDIAJasmine Honegan.

Growing up as one of 5 black families in an all white town in CT, ‘ I don’t see color’ was the go to phrase whenever anyone said anything controversial, racist, or condescending. I remember always feeling uncomfortable with the line, it was used as if the inability to see color made the world better. As if not noticing that I was different color was better than noticing that I was different color. ‘Don’t notice that I’m black’ -said no black person. Ever. We live in a very dynamic world, its really important that we are aware of our difference and acknowledge the variety of culture on earth. There is nothing inherently wrong with that. I see the many colors of the world, I currently live in Brazil, which garnered the Olympics and World Cup on the premise that every race exists in Brazil and there is unity between them all. The unity part is not existent, but there are so many colors of people here that walking the streets daily is an overwhelming explosion of beauty. Lets start seeing color and stop discriminating and judging based on color.


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