I hate hearing “The neighborhood changed.”

Glenny Brock ,
Birmingham, Al.
Submitted via Twitter: @glennybrock


Always code. In fact, most of the people I’ve heard say this were people who themselves CHANGED neighborhoods by leaving.     Glenny’s 6Word essay launched an interesting exchange via Twitter, follow along below…How do you weigh in on the topic?  Comment below. I hate hearing “The neighborhood changed.”  Glenny Brock  @glennybrock      
 “neighborhood changed” definitely code word for “no longer white”. Coworker told me this when her family moved to Montana.
Mana ‏ @fuun57


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4 Responses to "I hate hearing “The neighborhood changed.”"
  1. well some areas get bad and are no longer safe for people

  2. K122002 says:

    I too hate hearing & seeing that a neighborhood changed when this usually occurs due to EXPLOITATION on vulnerable populations.

    I encourage people to learn the deeper meanings behind these statements!!

  3. Whitey says:

    I want to live in a neighborhood where my children can play in the front yard without me worrying about their safety. In other words, I want to live in a White community. If Blacks are just as good as White people, why do Blacks cry about having to live among each other? Why do they beg to be let into our neighborhoods with “racist” Whites?

    • barry irving says:

      …all hype and BS…in a White Community you may get hit by
      “Suburban, Murder’in little Joey or his Dad”..after they stub their toe, get laid off or lose their mate. Your kids also stand a pretty good chance of being snatched or molested by a pedophile…a White one!

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