I hate myself, a white girl.

Tomball, TX

I’m an American citizen. That’s all I feel that I can say about myself. If I go into my ancestry I get categorized as the annoying white girl who has a little bit of everything. So typically I’ll just say American or just say Irish. However, am I really Irish? idk…
So Irish means freckles, pale skin, green eyes, and red hair. 3/4 are correct. I do not have red hair…I have blonde. Which is actually worse for me. I’m a blonde headed white girl.
Being a white girl…what does that mean? It means that I must like Starbucks, I have daddy-issues, I love Chipotle, and I most likely have a “loving” boyfriend who I “love” oh so very much.
Nope. Wrong again.

1st: Though I do like Starbucks…I don’t need Starbucks. I like a good Frappuccino every once in a while, but it’s not a necessity that the stereotype demands that I have.
2nd: Really? Daddy-issues. Everyone has family issues, you cannot make such a blank statement about a single type of person. My parents and I recently haven’t been getting along, however I’m a 16 year old girl. What do you expect?
3rd: Chipotle. Ew. I don’t like that place okay? Sometimes I even get crap for that opinion. So you’re mad at me for not being a stereotype? mk.
4th: I don’t have a boyfriend. I had a few throughout my childhood (aka elementary school “boyfriend”). However, I haven’t had a boyfriend since 5th grade. I’m in 11th now. I actually like girls…oh hold up. Another rule of my stereotype. The classic “Fake-Bi”. Yes, because only basic white girls say that they’re bi when they are not?
Well…I mean I do know of a few people- but that doesn’t matter. Lol

Alright anyway. As you can see there are so many stereotypes that white girls have to fit into or else they will be shoved into them.
Not to mention that fact that I feel guilty for being white. Guilty for my skin color. I did not choose to be white. I did not choose my family. I did not choose my ancestry. So don’t make me beg for forgiveness for things I did not choose.

Why does your skin color determine your life? Your personality? Your interests?

All humans are unique. So stop forcing us into stereotypes.

Thank you for reading. I hope this shows somebody that you can be whatever you want, no matter the color of your skin.


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