I have privilege, so what now?

image9 (2)Anonymous,

Once we’ve made the realization, or just simply acknowledged the obvious, what are we supposed to do now.

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5 Responses to "I have privilege, so what now?"
  1. Stacy Lucking says:

    Tell other white people who are in denial because they are encouraging others to give up their American rights and to behave in a manner which denies that person their individuality meanwhile, they aren’t force to live that way…not really…

  2. StraightAce121 says:

    After all the white people know, what do we do then? I need to know what I am supposed to do, personally, since I am the only person I can control.

  3. Janayn 'Melis' Evans says:

    Now you can tell other white people that they have privilege. It is important for people to acknowledge it, and challenge it when you see it. You can use your privilege to help other people see that they have it also because face it, white people are more likely going to listen to another white person than listen to a POC.

  4. rensational says:

    For one thing, when you get into positions of power or where you’re among the majority–as privileged people inevitably do–don’t use that privilege for bad where people of color are concerned. For example, when you’re given the power to hire people or to give input on hiring, and you have candidates who are people of color, make sure you’re choosing candidates for the right reason. These do not include feeling more comfortable with the white candidate or thinking you have more in common with a candidate just because he/she is white or like you have less in common with a candidate because he/she is black. And when you’re in predominantly white environments and you notice a person of color who is significantly outnumbered, don’t just continue to ignore that person because he/she is of color and because that’s what’s easy and comfortable for you. Recognize that environment is far more welcoming to people like you and not people like him/her, regardless of whether or not you think anyone there is racist.

    I think a lot of people believe that admitting white privilege and trying to do something about it means taking things away from white people. But as one of my white friends actually pointed out to me, it’s more about giving people of color what they’re often denied. In my two examples, I’m talking about being denied equal opportunity and being denied social acceptance, two of the more common ways in which people of color are disadvantaged relative to white people. It’s not hard to make those efforts, and it really takes nothing away from white people to be friendlier and more accepting to people of color or to make sure you’re hiring people for all the right reasons.

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