I unpack my white privilege daily.

Sarah Walton
Nashville, TN

I descend directly from southern slave-owners and, more recently, racists. My family’s wealth is built on the backs of over a thousand slaves.

It is my karmic duty to be a social-justice & race-relations activist; to call for reparations; to march; to force as many friends & family to look through “Without Sanctuary” as possible; to feel happier inside whenever a black person is hostile or self-protective in my company instead of acting deferential – “yes! yes! BE ANGRY towards me!”, i think; to call for FEDERAL funding of public education; to own my own inevitable bias & prejudice; to speak about the elephant in the room… I struggle with my own intense hatred towards white people and white culture… and i am almost always alone in all of this, even among my most progressive, “enlightened” white friends.

I wish our country could learn from South Africa and begin a process of Truth & Reconciliation… we will be choked and paralyzed by (very appropriate) white guilt until such occurs.

Thank you, Michele.


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