I was always already right here

Marta Elena Muñoz,
Austin, Tejas (TX)

Go back to where you came from. Imagine telling an American citizen of Mexican heritage (indigenous and Spanish mix) to go back to where I came from. As if this isn’t my ancestral land. As if “manifest destiny” and slave ownership weren’t reasons my ancestral lands were taken away. And now Texas government wants to build walls and vilify immigrants, as if this whole country wasn’t invaded and pillaged by white immigrants. As long as people want to avoid history, want to avoid their white guilt, want to disparage other nationalities, this country will continue to suffer from the internal festering. In the meantime, I am back to where I came from and where I have always been. And I welcome anyone that wants to share this American experience, one that has potential for greatness for all, whether you came here by choice or not. After all, would you be here if it weren’t for your parents?


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