I will not let a garage scam me.

Michaela Power,
Durham, NH

The moment I received my license, I found that there was a preconceived notion that society had placed upon me. As a white woman, somehow, I am meant to be incapable of understanding the basics of how a car functions. No matter the day, if I ever enter a mechanic shop that is new to me, they WILL try to hustle me. I have seen mechanics try to hustle me for everything under the sun, yet I myself am more than capable of preforming an oil change, replacing my calipers, rotors, and pads in my brake assembly and many other tasks. For some reason it seems as though mechanics (of the men variety) assume I lack knowledge, and will often times put large price tags on work I know will not take as long as they suggest and on parts that I know do not cost as much as they suggest. Not to mention, when I contest this, they often try to subdue me and make me feel as though I do not know what I am talking about. Just because I am a white woman, this does not make me gullible, submissive and mechanically illiterate. I should not have to prove my knowledge just to be seen as an equal when someone like my boyfriend (who also has car knowledge) does not have to say a word and gets better rates and respect.


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