I will not yield to you.

James Michael Rogers
Houston, TX

I was at my neighborhood park one morning jogging, and I saw three white women walking abreast in one direction, and a black woman coming towards them in the opposite direction. The white women ignored the black woman and no one stepped back to let the black lady pass, and the black lady had to step off the track to get around them. It made me realize how randomly a black person can be confronted with racism in as innocent a setting as a spring morning stroll. I’m a white male.

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8 Responses to "I will not yield to you."
  1. me says:

    Was it racism or purely disrespect? Would they have moved had she been white? (Many I know would not have.) That we see race first as the ultimate problem may be causing the appearance of greater racism than exists. (I am not saying it is not a problem, or even the problem in this case, just pointing out that it isn’t the ONLY problem.)

    • OL GRIFFIN says:

      what I think people fail to acknowledge , either of the reasons is born of ‘stupidity /. Social ‘norms require respectful behavior , Choosing to disrespect another human is born of the same ‘ignorance ‘,

      • me says:

        I completely agree. So if we focus more on respect for EVERYONE, we will be addressing racism, sexism, stupidity, etc. all at once in a way that doesn’t make people defensive and, therefore, less likely to become firmer in their destructive behavior/ideas.

  2. Joe Bravo Contreras says:

    I experience this type of ‘racism’ daily, in L.A. of all places. Or may be it’s just rude, disrespectful, and ill-mannered folks. I don’t know. But this I do say, if I’m walking or jogging, I will stop in my lane but wont yield to you. The walk way is wide enough to share with everyone. I will move to one side but I wont step off the walk way; I made the mindful effort to move to the side to accommodate others, but for you to blatantly not put the same effort to share the sidewalk or path, is disrespectful.

  3. katie says:

    Give it up. People like you are part of the problem. You go around hunting for perceived racist slights, then promptly report back to the internet with a fresh case of liberal guilt. I bet you’ve never once been a dick to somebody for no particular reason either. Why do people like you see an interaction between a mix of people and instantly jump to the conclusion that racism (however subtle, even undetectable), must be a factor?

  4. White Light says:

    Religious people often act in a similar manner. Any daily occurrence, be it as mundane as finding that one parking spot, is said to be a result of divine intervention. If you pump someone full of preconceived notions about what the world is supposed to be like, they will see the world through that bias. They will find “patterns in the noise” to fit that. Tell them the Aliens are coming and they will see a bizarrely shaped rock as “proof” of the conspiracy. Liberalism functions in a similar way. This individual has probably never seen real, admitted racism. But the way he sees the world has to fit his notion, had this involved Whites and Whites or Blacks and Blacks or Blacks being rude to Whites he would have ignored it and his card would be about a completely different situation. There is a saying here: When you are desperate to find something, chances are you will.

  5. Tim says:

    Sometimes in situations like this, you just have to say that some people are ignorant, regardless of whether it is racism, prejudice or whatever.
    I am British and the same things happen here; people are bad mannered, rude, unpleasant, expect to do and say what they like when they like to whom they like and the same people often explode into rage when someone does the same to them. And all classes and ethnic groups can have people in them like this. It is ego, wrapped up in selfishness layered with a sense of self importance and tied together with a bow of a sense of entitlement.
    Race is a serious problem in the US. Class, on admittedly a somewhat lesser scale, is the problem in the UK. They cause all of us to be suspicious of each other and wary of each other’s motives and actions. Therefore, we can’t relax around each other and are often always on our guard. This is no way for nations or groups of people or individuals to live.
    Being a Christian, I try to go out of my to accept others in the same way I want to be accepted myself. Forgiveness plays a part, and learning not to be so egotistical or bound up with your own rights either. And, if someone bumps into me, even if it wasn’t my fault, I’m more likely the first to apologise! Sometimes the person just walks away arrogantly, but you know what, I am still smiling and he or she is just a miserable bugger anyway! So who cares?! Treat people with genuine courtesy and respect, and usually it will be returned, and I say that from experience. Yes, there’s always one pompous, self important person, but such is life.

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