I won’t disrespect my white mother!

Sabrina Price-Durling
East Windsor, NJ

I am proud to be more of just one race (black, white) and proud to have more than one nationality (American, German). After 36 years living, I still find it incredibly silly that other people feel the need to put me in a category…and more often than not its black folks [or just Americans] who have more issues with my multi-ethnicity. Apparently only my black father counts – lets forget that 50% of me came from Germany, Czech Rep & Slovakia. So am I to ignore (and therefore disrespect) the heritage (MY LIFE!) that I received from my mother? Most of the racism or narrow-minded comments I’ve received over the years have happened in the US than anywhere else I’ve been in the world (which I find ironic given we’re the “huge melting pot”). I don’t care what color your skin is, where you come from or what your religion is. Don’t ask me ‘What are you?” if you don’t expect to receive an answer of “A human being!”. If you’re a decent person, we’ll get along! I am proud to be a “mixie”!


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