I won’t forget them–six million

Cheryl Zapien,
Dumfries, VA

I’m so happy to be a part of the discussion. I am Jewish married to a Mexican American man–so we are a mixed family–and a close one. I am about as white as a person can get–yet in spite of that nearly 50-75 percent of my family was murdered in the Holocaust. Were Hitler here today, myself, my family, my mixed children and my husband, who would protect me with his life, would find ourselves in a concentration camp because of our racial impurity.

Consider this: race is, on occasion, not about color. It is, however, about hate. Whenever we leave any discriminated group out of the conversation, the discussion is weakened. The argument is made less and we ourselves are engaging in the very thing we are railing against. It is together that we have to fight against all forms of discrimination. There is absolutely no place for division in a fight against something so as insidious as hatred. Thank you so much for allowing my voice to be heard.


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