Identity Thief Blasian Sensation Lifelong Educator

Jennifer Wong Cernak,
Chester, MD.

I have been listening to your race-card stories for a long time and heard the topic of mixed race come up again and again. In the past identity has been a struggle for me, but now I feel comfortable with who I am. There were many days, growing up, I felt like I was wearing the skin of someone else and disguising myself amongst the “identity secure”. As I grew older and left the racial safe-haven of my mostly white hometown, Columbia, I struggled more and more with who I was and how I identified myself. I later decided to immerse myself in the African-American communities and felt like an “undercover white person.” The experience really opened my eyes to a part of myself I had been ashamed of even though it was the most apparent part of me. Now more than ever, I feel compelled to educate and bridge the racial divide for others. I know who I am and I’m ready to let the world know. I am an adopted girl, Korean and Black woman, daughter of a Chinese father and a White mother, sister of a Chinese-and-White woman, twin, wife of a white man, and expecting mother of my own mixed race child.


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