I’m a minority where I’m from

Charlotte Nevins,
Pittsburgh, PA.

I am originally from The Bahamas and I think I have a unique experience as a dual citizen of there and the US. Back home, I was always assumed to be a tourist and often felt like I didn’t quite fit in in a lot of social circles. The population is composed of a small variety of small communities, 12% of it being people of European descent, like myself. Of course, this came with its challenges, but I also use the experiences as a minority of Bahamian society to inform how I treat other people and how I accept my role as a majority in the United States. I think that I am more conscious of my position than a lot of other people because I understand how it feels to be a minority. It informs how I behave in society and for that, I am grateful, as it makes me more adaptable to different social climates and I can understand some of the experiences of the American minority.


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