I’m a person not a color

David Williams,
Dallas, TX

p>As An African American in this country, I face several problems throughout my life just because of the color of my skin. As a person of African American decent, in the United States, I am faced with several challenges within my life due to the color of my skin alone. As a black man in America, I feel as if I must live my life carefully. As I my life could be taken from me just driving home for work, running around a neighborhood, or even being out late at night. It amazes and also saddens me that people are frightened at the sight of me, because of the color of my skin. The fact that these people have never met me before and assume I’m a thug is heartbreaking. I’m hesitant to approach others due to me not knowing what they will assume of me. This makes a difference in almost every public situation I deal with in almost any social environment. They assume I’m dumb or I’m uneducated, but as I continue to grow I plan on proving them all wrong. I am proud of my skin, I love being an African American.


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