I’m a twin: Who is better

David Harlin,
Lower Columbia College,
Kelso, WA

I’m an identical twin. All my life people have been asking me and my brother, “who is better at_____.” You can fill in the blank with things like sports, academics, fighting, and just about anything else. My brother and I found this very divisive and it made us constantly compete. We have drifted farther and farther apart as the years go on. I think we are both just tired of competing and find the distance a relief.

This divisiveness can be translated into race as well. “Who’s better at____?” Has often been directed at different races and ethnicities. And oftentimes an entire race can be wrongly said to be better than another race simply by asking this question. Blacks are better at basketball than whites; and, by extension, all Blacks are good at basketball. Maybe that’s why people of the same race tend to congregate together when left to their own devices…. no one likes to have to constantly compete.


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