I’m actively black, you’re passively white

Demarcus Robinson
Park Forest, IL

I’ve been thinking about how, as an African-American, I and other minorities actively think about out race as opposed to our Caucasian counterparts. It’s not that I’m thinking “I”m black, I’m black, I’m black” every second of the day, but I know that certain situations force the thought upon me, whereas my white friends don’t have this exhaustive burden.

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One Response to "I’m actively black, you’re passively white"
  1. merlin1935 says:

    I am a black person not originally born in the US. Yes, whenever I am in the US or any Western country, I feel race consciousness just like Demarcus, in addition to the feeling of being a foreigner. When I return to West Africa, the consciousness disappears.

    This feeling on my part may not necessarily be a racial matter, because most people are self-conscious when they’re out of their comfort zone. Thus, a white American traveling to Europe for the first time may also experience this feeling.

    In the case of Demarcus who presumably was born in the US, it is indeed a burden to feel this way in your own country.

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