I’m African American; With No Kids.

IMG_20131231_142306-2Aniaka McCowan,
Union City, CA.

Everyone one always says “oh my god you have a kid” Just because I hold a child doesn’t mean I’m a young mother. A caucasian women asked me why I ruined my life having a bastard child you probably don’t even know the father. I simply said why do you think that I have a kid and if I did I would know the father have a blessed day. You should never judge a book by its cover.

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One Response to "I’m African American; With No Kids."
  1. barry irving says:

    …don’t fall into the stereotype of “I’m never been to jail’ or “I’m Black and I don’t have kids”. You support the stereotype by sounding like you are an exception to the rule. African Americans are only 12 – 13.6% of America…Whites are over 50%. Population is power if you are ready and you have your stuff together, having kids that you RAISE properly is not a bad thing…it’s needed!

    …hate to say it, but people don’t go up to someone and say “why did you ruin your life having a bastard child”…those are “omma punch you in your face” words or worse. Sounds made up along with your response..I could be wrong, but I have daughters and I know that I would be visiting one of them in jail if that type of thing happened!

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