I’m Angelyce. Mixed race and Bi-sexual.

angeliceAngelyce Serrano,
Coram, NY.

My whole life people has seen me as “that black girl”. That is not the case. I am Puerto Rican, Black-American, Taino, and Spaniard. Yet, for whatever reason my whole cultural background is ignored and I am just labeled as black. Going to Catholic School from 4years old to 18years old didn’t help much either. I supposedly spoke white but looked Black which was confusing to many people. The pure fact that I didn’t have a baby, wasn’t on welfare, and listened to edm & metal music was mind blowing. Even though at the age of 20 I still get these ignorant assumptions I am now empowered by it. I no long get angry but I try to education these ignorant people. After digging under all these misconceptions I was finally able to find myself.


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