I’m Asian. Don’t assume I’m Chinese.

Gaby Segalla
Washington, DC

Most people see me and assume I’m Chinese. As an adopted Asian girl most people think “Oh that girl is probably Chinese.” I don’t take offense to that mostly because I have become used to being asked I’m Chinese. I’ve gotten used to people asking me where I am from and what language I speak. I have lived in America my entire life and I was raised by a white family. I’ve learned to smile and nod whenever someone asks me what Vietnam was like or what it was like to be in an orphanage. Many people say “Wow you are so Asian” when I tell them I like anime or that I am really good at math. When I suggest something like going to Starbucks my friends say things like “You are such a white girl”. My race is a part of who I am and I am proud of it but it is hard for me to be proud when people make jokes about it.


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