I’m black and I love math

Snapshot_20140325_12Jasmine VanExel,
Northampton, MA.
Smith College

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  1. christopherallen says:

    A lot of limitations come with being black it seems but my life has contradicted so many stereotypes. My father is a retired engineer and a math whiz. He’s a strange creature in that he derives entertainment from sitting down with a math book and solving problems. One of two of the only black teachers in my inordinately white h.s. was a math teacher. Ms. Johnson. She made math fun and exciting with her own unique twists and when junior or senior year rolled around where students could pick their teachers for certain classes, she was a fan favorite. So much that she earned many teacher rewards and recognition within our district. My mother is an avid and excellent swimmer. She made sure we had swimming lessons growing up and every summer, if not beach side on vacation, we spent every waking moment at the public pools and water parks. This May, I went on vacation to Florida with some friends and a few others they brought along. All white except me. I spent more time swimming than they did and one person whom i really didn’t know but was a part of our group commented, ” wow, surprised you love the water so much. black people don’t usually like the water”..or something to that effect. I didn’t let it bother me at that moment because the waves in the panhandle that time of year were my prime interest. it really is sad among other things how closed-minded some people are.

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