I’m Diane. I’m Alaskan, and Black.

Fairbanksm, AK.

Images of Alaska never show Black faces, but yet in Fairbanks, the state’s second largest city, the Black population is equal to that of Alaska Natives. We have been effectively erased from our own history and present day lives. I work with tourists and a day doesn’t go by when I don’t have an interaction with one or more who are startled, not in a nice way, to find Black folks here. And despite living a day trip to both the Arctic Circle and the Denali National Park – home to the highest mountain in North America – few of my people have gone to either, firmly convinced that those places are somehow only for white folks. None of this is right. None of this is fair. And all of it is worth fighting against.

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2 Responses to "I’m Diane. I’m Alaskan, and Black."
  1. I honestly didn’t know there were black people in Alaska.

  2. Chiquita Biddle says:

    I didn’t know either and National Geographic got the game messed up! I have NEVER seen a black Alaskan on TV! Man that’s sad!

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