I’m extremely racist and I’m not white.


I’m not white, I’m not black. I’m a mixed Latina. I honestly despise brown/black people, I can’t stand their ugly skin, noses and hair. It goes from blacks to Polynesians. I don’t like their culture, I don’t like their looks and how they act. I’m racist, and I’m not white. I came from a place where white people are rich, fancy, smart. And anything dark is bad, ugly, dangerous.
I’m not white, and I’m racist. My family is racist. I have black friends, I’ve dated black girls, Ive never hurt a dark person. But I avoid being around them, I avoid letting my kids around them. I’m against race mixing.
I’m extremely racist, and I’m not white. I live as white, I say I’m white.
I’m racist, and I’m not white. And I’m not ashamed.


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