I’m Hmong, and I am proud.

FB_IMG_1448411875069Kabao Lee,
Sacramento, CA.

I am Hmong and I am proud. I think it pretty much explains itself, but there are many people I know growing up who do not embrace their culture, needless to say I am proud of being Hmong. Even though many people do not know about the Hmong people, I am glad to say that I was born into such a beautiful race and culture. The language is beautiful, our clothing is beautiful, and just learning about the many things my parents had to go through when they were coming to the US is as interesting as it can be. My parents came here to the United States to better themselves, and better me, even though I wasn’t born yet when they migrated here. I am glad to say that with the risks that they took, I am now a proud Hmong American. Hmong is a beautiful culture. We may not have a country to call our own, but we have the many things in life that keeps us going and continuously growing as a community.


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