I’m A Human, Not A Fruit

Gabrielle Guzman
San Diego, CA

Yes, I am Mexican. Yes, I know I apparently hold the same facial features as someone who would be considered Asian. No, I did not just cross the border. No, I do not speak Spanish, although I can understand it fluently and am taking classes to learn it. I am a human, I am not, as some of my friends and family like to say, a coconut. Brown on the outside, white on the inside. Just because I don’t fulfill your or society’s view of what someone of my background could act like, that does not mean that I am any less of a person, or any less proud, of my heritage. I am a human, not a fruit.

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2 Responses to "I’m A Human, Not A Fruit"
  1. gregory says:

    nicely stated. although there are many, many types in this world – the number and categories of fruits are still finite, “humans” are infinitely complex and infinitely individual!!

  2. Cynthia says:

    I am a young black female from Detroit, Mi. I get called an Oreo all the time because I speak proper English and conduct myself in a presentable manner. It boils my blood because my own peers say this. On the bright side, I am changing the views of others
    We are all Human, not tasty cookies

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