I’m a Human; Not a race

This memoir to me means that we shouldn’t be just a label, that we should be ourselves and not let anyone judge us. I’ve heard that “Never put your hair down because you might get lice at school, and they generalize who has lice at school. This to me also means that I am not just a category in a race list, I’m a person who has feelings and can get them hurt. I use to think that words meant something that they didn’t mean but now i know that we have been using words that are racist and words that can hurt someone’s feelings really bad. One thing I have learned is that there are so many stereotypes that I don’t feel comfortable of talking about.

Race is a man-made biological stereotype word that society invented.

This fact is true because in the past , race started when the europeans came to America and started judging black people. According to the article “ORIGIN OF THE IDEA OF RACE,” it states “race is an invention and it was essentially a folk idea, not a product of scientific research and discovery.” This states that scientifically race is not a real word in a way because it’s proven scientifically. This article’s evidence supports the claim because it proves that race is not a word that was just already created, it’s a word that people made and got people hurt. Race over the years has hurt innocent people mentally and physically, race shouldn’t determine people; we should determine race.


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