I’m light-skinned. My black is harder

-XcgfVOfBig Tex,
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4 Responses to "I’m light-skinned. My black is harder"
  1. Guest says:

    Not true! Statistics shows that light-skinned Black people are more likely to marry, get employment, and get raises, among other things. They are also statistically more likely to get a lower sentence than dark-skinned Black people who commit the same crime. 

    • barry irving says:

      …anyone who relies on Statistics as hard truths is an idiot! You never know how many people are involved in polls or surveys, what authority or intent a survey has.

  2. mischling3rd says:

    Maybe you’re better off not trying to be “black” at all.

  3. barry irving says:

    …Black may have been adopted as a counter to White and an expression of pride rather than the negativity that society attaches to the color, but it is still a color cast term that is really PERSONAL. Blackness is not a tangible thing…it is different with every one.

    … and when you start talking about your Blackness being hard or what ever, you bring negativity on yourself. You wouldn’t take kindly to a European person talking about how good it is to be White and how hard their White is. You just sound really ignorant!

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