I’m Mexican (but) get confused as Asian

Nobody, Nowhere

I’m Hispanic but I get confused as Asian quite often and it annoys me. There’s nothing wrong with being or looking Asian but the majority of the people in my school are either black or Hispanic and there awfully racist to any other race and it annoys me because I’m getting called “Chinese”/”Chinita”.

Especially with the coronavirus right now they think every Chinese person has the coronavirus and avoids them call them “dog eater”… I’ve tried doing things to make me look “Non-Asian” but they never work. I don’t know what to do… my eyes have been my biggest insecurity ever since elementary. I see my Hispanic classmates who look “Hispanic” and I feel like I don’t fit in even though I am Hispanic… I don’t know what I should do. Do I just accept it? I don’t think I ever will I wish I had different eyes.


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