I’m not Black, I’m Human first!

image25 (1)Alieu Nyassi,
Pittsburgh, PA.

We judge people by their race not the face that we are human first before any thing else. We have to value the fact that we all breath, drink and eat the same time of air, water and foods. We may differ from cultural norms and values.

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One Response to "I’m not Black, I’m Human first!"
  1. barry irving says:

    …lots of people say that and I get it…we are all PART OF THE HUMAN FAMILY.
    …as living organisms…some living organisms just exist…other higher forms like us develop, build, educate and interact beyond the fate of organisms without the benefit of consciousness.

    …In human societal structure, culture and belief, we begin to define our selves and those who look like us from a natural social perspective. Since Race is gods identifier or way of differentiating between human types. We have discretion as humans to act out our differences or to assimilate. Differences create conflict as well as affinities. Very few can truly see all peopole as one.

    …we are not black, a color cast and false ethnicity, like White. We are not colored or Negro, we are African Diaspora People or African Americans…that defines us in the context of history. Before we or anyone can exist as “like” humans, not by personal choice, but by actual understanding of our selves, our history and, the way society see us and our culture: we must solidify our singularly conflicted and evolving identity as descendants of African Slaves.

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