I’m not “white”, I am human.

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Personally, people haven’t been racist to me, but I have heard racist things being said to other people. One example was at gymnastics, when someone said to someone else that they weren’t good at gymnastics because the were black; I didn’t think that what she said could offend anybody, but now I know that a racist comment like that can offend someone much more than a lot of other comments. I have heard a lot more racist comments then I thought I had in the beginning of this project. I now notice stereotypes put on certain races. For example, most people think of Mexicans as drug lords, and rapists because a couple of Mexicans made a bad choice. Really anyone, of any race can do these things, so it really doesn’t make any sense. In conclusion, people shouldn’t be stereotyped, because people of the same race are just as different as people in a different race.

Race is Fake: So Why Hurt So Many?

Race is not scientifically real. We only have different skin tones because of geography. For example, people who live in the snow were normally light skinned and short and meaty because they needed to keep warm, and people who live in the hotter, sunny places, usually have darker skin and are tall and skinny so they have more places to sweat. According to the Huffington Post, “Scientists were fighting over whether race was biologically real or not, so they did an study and the answer was race was not real.” Race is real socially, but not scientifically. So basically race only exists to make people feel bad about their appearance. In conclusion race is by itself is racism because it puts people in categories and makes some people feel more superior than others.

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