I’m sick of “what are you?”

Jeff Clune,
Maple Grove, MN.

I’m mixed race (Black,White, and Native) I’m always being asked “What are you?” it frustrates me because why should it matter to them.

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4 Responses to "I’m sick of “what are you?”"
  1. Chong Jia Xiang says:

    Jeff, you should be proud of yourself that you are mix-blooded because you have inherited the uniqueness of all thoses races!

  2. Janayn 'Melis' Evans says:

    I’ve been getting this my whole life. I tell people that I’m human. If they ask again I say that I’m American. Try doing that 🙂

  3. jacob says:

    being curious doesnt mean its a bad question. i dont see how where your ancestors are from is a bad thing. Im white and get asked that too. Im part native and french. I think it might be a pride thing for you like you hate to say it.

  4. Maurin Quina says:

    I agree with Jacob: just because a person asks isn’t automatically a negative thing. In some situations it may be inappropriate, but it could also just be that they’re trying to learn something about you. I’m white and get asked sometimes, with responses that range from ‘American’, ‘Midwestern’, ‘mostly Finnish, some Swedish’ (or perhaps ‘Euro-mutt’ if I’m feeling self-deprecating that day). I usually don’t take it as a dirty or illicit question, and if something seems wrong with the situation there’s no requirement to answer. If being asked bothers you or it’s really none of their business, Janayn’s response seems like the best response. If you’re proud of your heritage and happy to hold a conversation about it, then take pride in your mixed blood and project a positive message about it into the world.

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