I’m surprised you speak so well.

IMG_0909E.C. Boyd,
Canton, OH.

I was not born, but I was raised in a predominantly white neighborhood because the school system was better in Perry Township than the low-income, mostly black Canton City Schools. As the only black person on my school’s debate team, I dealt with a lot of people surprised that I could speak as well as them, despite the obvious difference in our physical appearance, One debate alumni during a practice round said with the best of intentions, “You speak really well for a black girl.” When she saw the look on my face, she followed up with “Trust me–that’s a good thing.”

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4 Responses to "I’m surprised you speak so well."
  1. Peter says:

    Next time tell her your a human just like her was born in America just like her and grew up in Perry just like her. Then say I think you speak well for what life gave you as well.

  2. ihateyouwhiteman says:

    What is the situation here?

    When a time like that should arise, there is only one thing to do. Deal a blow to that persons intelligence. It’s 2014, who wouldn’t know what “Ya kna mean”, or “Feel me bruh” means.

  3. christopherallen says:

    people usually comment that i’m articulate or that they enjoy listening to me talk, but the way this comment was put to you seems more like malice. I’d wager that she’s jealous…

  4. Rachel says:

    One of my teammates in college said people always told him how “well-spoken” he is.

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