I’m too light, yet too dark!

Lucia Osei Anim,
Manassas, VA

I am Lucia, I live at Manassas Virginia. I chose those six words because I come from Ghana, West Africa, and I am considered too dark in America but too light in Ghana. The main idea of choosing these six words is that in United States when white people see me, the first question ask is, “Where are you from?” I respond, “I am from Virginia” and the next thing that comes out of their mouths is “No, but where are from? To which respond I am Ghanaian. Despite living in America from my infancy and speaking English, I will always be considered Ghanaian rather than American. When I visited Ghana last year I felt like a foreigner, they called me ‘Obroni’ which means white lady, so I was left wondering who am I? Ghanaian or American, or both? I can never seem to be both.


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