I’m white and southern as cotton.

Chasity Massey,
Trion, GA

Where I’m from it’s unusual to see a lot of blacks or mixed races. We rarely see a lot of Hispanics, Asians but there aren’t barley anything else. I’m from a small town from a very religious family and “mixing races” as they called it is wrong to them. They frowned upon any other races dating or mixing and even would stare… I remember once I was sitting in a doctor’s office as a child and I saw a women with different colored skin, wearing clothes I thought strange, she was from the Middle-East or her appearance appeared like she was. I didn’t pay more than a few moments attention till my idiot father started whispering about her clutching her bomb (she was holding a purse) then laughing. He made remarks to me growing up that if you have a red dot between your eyes that is the gun’s bull’s eye. Growing up I didn’t see why he was so unsure of it all, then I’d hear my grandparents say the word “n****” to me often or mumble about it, they’d act nice towards another race but as soon as that race did something that was the insult. How low are we to say something like this? How low can we be to think that just because of the race it means our actions? I see them being a redneck so maybe they’re right. No, they’re not. Just because someone was born with a color its not okay for them to mumble and joke…There are many more times they’ve done this but I’m truly afraid to say anything about my sexuality.. What if they’re just the same with this? Racist and homophobic? I’m scared as a white, southern, girl. And what if I become like them against races?


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