I’m white. So you hate me.

Glen Burnie, MD.

I keep seeing people saying fuck white people. I am anything but privileged. I had a black manager who hated me. She did everything she could to try to keep me from succeeding two years ago. She threatened me on my birthday. Then, next birthday, she had everybody get together and sing happy birthday for another person. She told me to stop helping people and stop being nice to people, and that I wasn’t popular. It didn’t help that I happened to be very good at my job. All of this talk about white privilege makes people hate other people. How about we keep our eyes on our own lives. If someone hates you because of your color, speak up about it. Tell your friends. But don’t go looking for hate when there isn’t any. She actually looked at me and called me privileged. I looked right back at her and told her that she was far from the truth. My father has a severe anxiety problem.

I grew up getting yelled that anytime I made a mistake. I grew up in a very angry household. He hit walls. My parents didn’t have enough money for us to do all those special extra things other people did, like eat out. My mom home cooked everything. In high school I couldn’t afford to go on a class trip to New York. I had a very rough childhood, and I paid for most of my college education. I’m still paying off my college education and will be paying it off for the next 20 years. I was not able to qualify for many scholarships because of my skin color alone. Stop telling me I’m privileged. I work hard. Maybe you should stop blaming others and start working hard too. All of the special programs just for people of a certain color. You don’t need them. You’re better than that. Take the programs away. There are some people who continue to be racist because they think you need to help.


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