I’m White, but must you hate?

Seattle, WA

I have a good friend who is African American. We have always got along, but as of late I’ve seen her make a posts on Facebook that are passionately negative about white people. Sweeping negative generalizations- white people are all ignorant, will remain ignorant. It is disheartening. If this is how she feels, then whites are an object of perpetual scorn, unending? It is really depressing. I don’t understand how someone who has suffered the burden of racism can perpetuate it. I don’t think any race or culture should be treated this way, and I don’t think there is an excuse for it, I am sorry. Not to mention there are plenty of white people who are a mix of many different races, just like black people can be. How colorful does one have to be to be liked again I wonder? I’m white, of Jewish heritage. Half of my family was wiped off the earth due to anti-semitism, but you don’t see me directing blind generalized distaste for the German people.


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