I’m white and pay the price

Kentucky1Jim Zeirke,
Sussex, WI.

I’ve faced more overt racism than most blacks. While much of black racism is discreet, I’ve been told to my face that I’m not getting opportunities because I’m white. In the mid-1970’s I applied for a job and when went to the job interview a guy came out and told all of us gathered there that “…white males can leave now. We aren’t even interested in talking to you.” I applied for a scholarship when I was in college and was told that, while I was one of the top two candidates that I was denied the scholarship because the committee had decided that a black person would get one of the two awards. I applied for a job with a city and was told that I couldn’t even fill out an application because I was white. When I complained to the EEOC the black person that I talked to laughed and basically told me to get over it. There have been other cases where I was told flat out that they did not want a white person for the job or other opportunity. When whites are discriminated against it is always overt. Yet, despite the discrimination that I’ve faced, I have no problems with black folks in general. As another white guy told me once “If a guy does me wrong, it is him and not his race, that I have a problem with.”

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  1. barry irving says:

    …do you really think that you’ve faced more overt Racism than African Americans?…that’s numerically and logically impossible. Your story seems far fetvhed, but I guess it could happen. The thing is, what do you think should be done about it?….It would take quite a miracle for approximately 48,000,000 descendants of Slaves to be more Racist than 150,000,000+ generationally indoctrinated White people. Especially since “reaction” to perceived Racism may seem Racist to you, but it a reaction, not racism itself!

    • King Cali says:

      your horribly mistaken and incorrect. the state and america itself is devoted to helping blacks and minority’s MORE than white people. you think it would be a miracle for descendants of slaves to hate white people? LOL. are you even using your brain? you make ZERO sense. if anything..they have built up hate against all whites..SO OF COURSE THEY ARE MORE RACIST than whites who couldn’t care less about what happened in the past. we move forward…progression. blacks go backwards. cry, point the finger, always claiming racism, when it is the minority that is TRULY racist against white people. THIS IS FACT..NOT OPINION. blakc give themselves reason to hate those they dont know..white people don’t waste the time to do that and most racist white people dont care about color they hate the ::FACT::: that it’s blacks who bring the crime waves, its BLACKS who bring down the value of anything they are around..its BLACKS who have NO respect for anyone or anything other then themselves. it’s BLACK communities that KILL each other daily and shoot blindly without a care for the next person life. THESE ARE FACTS. There is no White privilege.. thats made up by racist blacks who will never learn to take responsibility for their actions. you people are so stuck on dumb reading the national enquirer that you forget its not 1950 anymore..the treatment of minority has flipped and nowadays they have SO much help from all directions, EVEN THEY ARE STARTING TO REALIZE THAT IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE TO CLAIM THEY DON’T HAVE THE SAME CHANCES AS OTHERS…THEY IN FACT HAVE MORE CHANCES..THEY JUST FAIL TO UTILIZE THEM AND A LOT OF THAT IS DUE TO THEIR LIFESTYLE OF “NOT GIVING A F*CK” ABOUT EDUCATION, OR OTHERS. THEY HAVE THEMSELVES TO BLAME. WAKE UP AND STOP ALLOWING MEDIA TO GIVE YOU A FALSE PERCEPTION OF REALITY. ( YOU HEAR BLACKS CRY ABOUT EVERYTHING..AND YOU START TO BELIEVE THEY DON’T GET HELP…THEY WILL NEVER STOP CRYING AS LONG AS IT GETS THEM WHAT THEY WANT..

      • barry irving says:

        …you’re quite delusional. White People claim that they are victims of Racism and that’s absurd. whites have NEVER dealt with their ingrained institutional Racism. It is fair to say that all Whites are Racist because their problem is multi layered. It’s not all about violence, it’s their expectation of privilege in America.

        This country is founded on racism through Slavery and intense classism among the White Masses. 18 of the early presidents were slavers and 12 while in office. There was never a plan or expectation from America’s founding fathers to include people of color into the American fabric.

        …Americans abandoned themes like Land of the Free and freedom and justice for all in favor of Bigotry. We all learned about the Great Melting Pot which was also abandoned by White people. The so-called Post Racial Society was a sham that revealed it’s fakery when Mr. Obama took office and stayed to his plan to change Washington politricks.

        …for you to say that white people don’t care about color is especially idiotic. You very self taken ethnicity is a color…WHITE…you claim that you have no connection to any other ethnicity. Is that possible? We all came from somewhere else. There is clear evidence that whites particularly wen backwarfds on Race…from murder and intimidation to social slander and more murder by the Police with white masses in approval. Stop whining and take some responsibility for the society that your people created. Try looking up the word evolution and do that!

        • King Cali says:

          YOUR the delusional one. Just read your point of view. How arrogant of you to think you know what life is like in someone else’s shoes. Shame on your level of intellect. Your ignorance is evident and you prove yourself unworthy of common sense. I’m going to bet your from the south and older than 45. It’s Fair to say that all whites are racist? LMAO. Grow up and stop being a clown.. It’s clear YOU are the racist here. You have the laughable nerve to pretend you know how others feel that come from completely different experiences than you do.does your brain ever stop to realize the filth and narrow perception it spews? It’s much more fair to say blacks are racist by default because they are mad about the past!makes more sense than white being mad? what are whites mad about? did you know BLACKS started slavery? do you know anything about slave history in africa before the English settlers arrived and raped the land from the natives? Do you really think whites are racist because their ancestors had slaves??? LMAO. Talk about delusional. You sir are too confused and fooled by political garbage that means NOTHING inthe real world.. melting pot abandoned by white people? that’s hilarious. I grew up in a “melting pot” of all cultures here in the bay area..what would YOU know about a melting pot? AMERICA is, and HAS been the ultimate melting pot of the planet. FACTS must really get under your skin. You just sound like a lost, hillbilly who is bitter obama is in office. We all know obama is not even a citizen. Your irrational stupidity of thinking racism is a “group” thing is foolish. racism is an individual thing. you have some nerve to speak for ANYONE other than yourself..but you do it with ease, once again proving how simple minds can find bliss in midst of ignorance.

          • barry irving says:

            ..I’m from N.Y.C. so “you’re” half right. I speak from experience and knowledge unlike you who speaks from total stupid emotion. You’re a shouter, a complainer from the dumb masses. You don’t see history or the issues that it creates when it excludes.

            …You just want to bash…no solutions. Crime and social issues are present in EVERY Ethnic community…White people included. Your people are 150,000,000+ in numbers. You claim majority status in every thing to your advantage and blame the rest on every one else, so who’s whining and making excuses? Racism is your society’s invention from the root…deal with it! You should look up the word because apparently you don’t understand it!

            …White people in this country are known to be largely exclusive in their personal lives. Yahoo even did an article on how most Whites do not have friends of another nationality. most know of other ethnicitys only through associations and employment…not socially. It figures because everything you say is absent of context in society and or history. Social issues ALWAYS have a context and that is something you people cannot face…your Racist history. So owning Slaves is not an example of Racism?…you just show how ignorant you really are. Good luck with that!

          • barry irving says:

            …I thought you died…oh well…still talk’in out the stank end I see?…no matter…hows yr mom?…no matter raising you alone must have been tough…but I do blame her for what she taught you, which is NOTHING but ignorance!

          • barry irving says:

            …tough guy Racist ( who dosen’t think that he’s that ) looking for a fight huh?…I thought that would bring you down. BTW, did I say that I wasn’t talking to youz?

            …you idiots should get Mr. Al Sharpton out of your heads…he’s a professional asshole who knows how to bite the system. He ‘s been around long enough to earn the title of America’s #1 civil Rights Advocate…that’s no small accomplishment.
            I know it’s about a long standing grudge for confronting White Bigotry and the rest. White people never forget who is a thorn in their sides. I’m surprised that you didn’t mention Mr. Jesse Jackson in the same breath.
            You guys usually do. Which is key to your madness.
            They don’t associate much anymore and Jackson hasn’t been in the Social / political limelight for decades…yet you bigots keep them as a team who can blind and steer the whole diverse African American community (where ever they might dwell ). That’s a job for Super Man, not Mr. Al Sharpton, LOL
            If you had any sense, you would know how stupid an assertion that really is, but hey, what does truth mean to youz when your aim is Burning Hate, learned from home.
            Oh well, that’s life, nice talk’in at’cha..LMFAO!

          • Must of hit a nerve,
            I didnt mention jessy due to he knows when to back off and apologizes when he is wrong,
            Too bad, you almost seem like ypu have some form of intellectual thought that one could have a resonable chat about race issues and the plight of black americans, most other minorities do well, but then you come off as a simple minded bigot, you hate for whote blinds you,
            By your statements im betting ypur a young lad…. Give it another 5-10 years, you’LL understand.
            Ive known the deepest bidots from black,white,yellow, ect, wake up in there late 30s into40 and regret what they have done and said in their youth good luck, it will get better

          • barry irving says:

            …here’s a little help..”you’re”…must have..not “your” and “must of”…no charge….”due to the fact that’…bonus help!…
            ok, this is getting ridiculous…you say I hate whote?…do you mean White?…I wouldn’t say hate….more like distrust, you know like a suspect of something bad?

            …”you’re” wrong about my age..also im and ypur are spelled i’m ( or I’m ) and your…not to be critical though…but you’ll doesn’t need capital LL’s…jus say’in = just saying!

            …BTW, what am I giving 5 or 10 years to? You said give “it” 5 -10 years. I don’t understand, but don’t explain, I think that you might sustain too much brain damage for something that vague…no matter!

            …I’m not surprised that you have known some of the deepest bigots…I mean, your Mom?….sorry…and your DEEP BIGOTS are that before the age of 30 or 40?…wow, that’s rich. Most of your ILK get it deep, keep it deep and never recover…from what, you ask?…from their home education stupid..what else?…oh, I get it…you learn from more than one aberrant source right?…RIIIEEETT?…THOUGHT SO!


          • wise wizard says:

            your sad.and upset…but way too ARROGANT, as every NEW YORKER IS..so WE DON’T take you serious. You have NO knowledge of anything you have spoken on..again..you are form NYC..we do not take you serious.

          • barry irving says:


        • wise wizard says:

          white people are victims of “RACISM” EVERY DAY… to even begin to think that’s absurd …IS ABSURD..and PROOF, THAT YOU ARE oblivious to the obvious and only see what fits your twisted and narrowminded perception of truth. Most people from New York live in a bubble.. have fun in fantasy land kiddo.

      • Tony says:

        Did you know that there is a government of the united states that’s doing what you say blacks do can you elaborate on this if you know

  2. King Cali says:

    i hear you …The people that dont understand are those who look at blacks like its still the 50’s… its not.. its 2014..and for the past 20-30 years, blacks have been treated almost TOO good..and still they love to be the downfall of any community. I AM WHITE…i have FACED WAY more racism than blacks. how? easy… because the past 20-30 years has been built upon treating minoritys BETTER, giving them what they want, even having special programs just for THEM..THAT IS VERY RACIST..YOU WONT FIND AND GRANTS/LOANS FOR WHITES..BUT YOU WILL FOR BLACKS!

    • barry irving says:

      …you should advertise the Planet that you live on. Apparently it’s a little different there!

      • wise wizard says:

        it’s called california…Where they get things done..You know..the state THAT EVERY OTHER STATE LOOKS UP TO. the home of and mecca of culture, backgrounds and illegal laws being passed..Im guessing you live in the forest up in alaska..or some other state where there is nothing going on…so you have time to PRETEND your world view is accurate…I am surrounded by thousands of people daily..Get out and get in touch with reality…it’s leaving you behind.

        • barry irving says:

          …California is a State, not a world. You are not special or as evolved as you’d love to think…Your comment is typical and California is just Big, full of idiots like youz!
          …but nice typical try…LOL!

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