“In the end, we all fruit”

North Hampton, NH

This is part of a quote in the movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” and as a Greek woman myself, this is one of my most cherished part of the movie, when the Greek father of a daughter grapples with the fact that his daughter is in love with someone who isn’t Greek. At first, the Greek family doesn’t understand that daughter and almost seems to disown her. But after realizing how happy she is, the father realizes that their last name “Portokalos” and the husband’s last name “Miller” are both derivatives of the Greek words “orange” and “Apple” respectively. So he ends his speech saying, “we may be different, but in the end, we all fruit.” This is, in very simple terms, an explanation that attempts to get at this concept of race.

Anthropology 411 at the University of New Hampshire


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