Indian, European, past enemies collide kindly.

Photo-on-8-26-15-at-5.09-PMHarleen Thind,
American Canyon, CA.

The reason why I chose these six words are because my mother and father are of different races, my father is European and my mother is Indian. Indians and Europeans were enemies in the past, they despised each other in the worst of ways. My father decided not to care if my mother was indian or not, he cared about how her eyes looked when they met his. He cared about her personality and how good her heart really was, not about her race and their past differences. India was the jewel in Britain’s Imperialist crown; indeed Queen Victoria bore the title of “Empress of India.” The British East India Company had conquered the last independent Indian state in 1848, and although some uprisings occurred from time to time, British rule was complete. By 1858, India was ruled by the British Parliament in London and administered by a tiny all white civil service in India. Although, this racial occurrence occurred my father and mother still collided with each other in a yet kind way, Indians used to despise Europeans and now they are allies. This is hard cold truth that race does not matter. Race shouldn’t matter, race is only a name hovering over your head informing people what ethnic back round you came from, what race you are and what past history you have.

My race is human. I agree we all look different but so do dogs, their the same species though, but different breeds, its the same thing with humans, different breed but same species. A lot of “other” people might add to this by saying that there is no equality. Equality is a whole new topic but that is the whole point of race, to be identified and equal, the same. If your black (African American) you hang out with a group of them, if your white (American) you hang out with a group of them, if your Asian you hang out with a group them, its all part of a process that is never ending. Racism is always going to exist, it existed thousands of years ago, why wouldn’t history repeat itself? Sometimes, we all judge each other based upon what color our skin is, what color eyes we have, what color our hair is and last but not least what type of person we are. Judging people is what ties the string with race relations. Inequality is a big issue all over the world as well as race relations, race relations fits smugly in the folder of inequality. The world is struggling to realize that what matters is that we are just human, not Black (Not being racist in any way) , not White, not Mexican and not Asian, we are only…human. All in all, even with past collisions there can still be a peace between races.


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