“An Intelligent, Independent African American Women!”

14433026_1272691209448897_6714723028531686860_n-1Malikah Black,
Urbana, IL.

Based on stereotypes and neither are my sisters. The media instantly judge African American Women on their many failures, but what about their success? You’re most likely to hear about the statics of African American Women getting pregnant in 2015 on social media than those who graduated from college or trade school. I oppose the writings of Peggy McIntosh’s in ‘White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Back Pack,’ because as a child I even knew the privileges “European Americans” had and I’m pretty sure they did too. Their taught the way of knowing what they have through their history similar to how I was taught. I was raised to understand my history, and understand how my ancestors were Kings and Queens taken from their homeland to unwillingly work for “European Americans.” I’m not upset one day our intelligent, independent African American Women will be given back our crown. We will welcome the day our privileges will be restored, and we will not be based on “their” stereotypes anymore.


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