Interracial family: whites stare, blacks care.

IMG_3520Aurlyn Ellyse Wygle,
Lewisville, TX.

My husband and I are both caucasian. We have decided to make adoption our “plan A” and have a particular heart for children from hard places. This led us to become foster parents. As we parent these precious, beautiful brown babies we have noticed a trend. African American adults are MUCH more open to us – it’s like we are instantly friends! They almost all come up and want to meet our children. We seem to be much more approachable. The racial barriers are torn down in an instant. With a sweet smile from a small soul we are united. However, other caucasian adults are slower to warm up. We haven’t gotten a BAD response from them – just a quiet one. I know they see, they stare, they are very curious – but they wont say anything. They just watch. I don’t really know the answer as to why there is this difference in response, but it’s there and it’s obvious.


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