Irish descent, why hate me blacks?

John Sutter,
Porterville, CA

My wife, who is white, was discriminated against when she was a restaurant manager at a national fast food restaurant in the South. Her crew was composed of black men, who made life hell for her. They would set off the burglar alarm during the middle of the night so she would have to go down to the restaurant to shut it off. They even tried to hurt her physically. They would stack boxes of food near the walk-in cooler door in such a way that when she opened the door, the boxes would fall on her. There were other incidents also. It’s a two way street when it comes to racism, some blacks are just as racist as their white counterparts. My ancestors were discriminated against because they were of Irish descent when they came to America. This country isn’t a melting pot; it’s a quagmire of hostility.


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