Just another small-town white girl

Warrenton, VA

I mean, those six words sum me up in a very basic way, but they are true. Growing up majority-white smallish town in Virginia didn’t give me much of an outlook on other people, how they lived, and how their experiences differed from mine. I just lived in my middle-class bubble, full of ignorance. I’ve made many insensitive and just plain rude “jokes” or comments about other people regarding many things. I’m upset with myself for even once encouraging the idea that they were funny or okay even though deep down I knew that they weren’t. I think back and cringe. I honestly didn’t fully understand the main problems of race in America until recently. But I’m trying. I’m trying to educate myself on race, gender, class, etc., and how that affects people’s experiences growing up and living in our country. I’m trying to figure out how I can help shape our future to include and raise the people we have disadvantaged for so long. I’m trying; I hope it’s enough.


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